Nightly News   |  February 12, 2014

Relentless Winter: More Snow is Coming

Cold air has trapped freezing rain over the southeast and parts of Virginia. As the system makes its way up the coast, it will bring snow, with Vermont seeing some of the biggest accumulations.

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>> much. all of that brings us to al roker , and this is a monster storm.

>> that is right, sadly, brian it is performing as we thought it would. take a look, we still have ice warnings for much of southern georgia into the carolinas. and then as you move to the north we'll see more winter storm warnings and watches and advisories all up the 95 corridor all the way up into maine. and looking at the radar you can start to see there is snow now changing on the west side of atlanta. the ice will make its way into parts of the carolinas, all the way up into virginia and wes have snow up there. high pressure bringing in northeasterly winds with cold air filtering down. the problem is we have nowhere for the cold air to go. it slams up into the mountains so as the rain falls it freezes and is trapped. as the level in the atmosphere freezes up we see it change into snow. so ice levels continue up to an inch of ice from augusta to columbia, all the way up into raleigh and up into southern and central parts of virginia. and as this system makes its way up into the coast this is the 32-degree line, you can see the rain and snow making its way west of i-95. as the snow deepens the low pressure moves up the coast. we are look at snow accumulations that start heavier in the south and start to taper off a little bit. asheville, eight to ten, seven and ten in charlotte, roanoke, brian we're looking at five to eight inches of snow in new york city . and vermont, seeing 16 inches of snow.

>> ten inches in asheville alone, they're not built for that accumulation, and all the lines