Nightly News   |  February 12, 2014

Difficult Weather Conditions Plague Sochi

Sochi Recent crashes have some athletes worried, although officials dismissed weather concerns as premature.

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>> reporter: winter olympics in sochi today, 59 degrees, beach weather on the black sea and a balmy 50 degrees up on the mountain, where it counts.

>> the weather is of course gorgeous, challenging, but nothing that we're not compared for.

>> reporter: officials dismiss the worry as premature, even though cross country was a crash course yesterday. and today, the adjacent course has americans worried.

>> definitely for the training it was very difficult. they had to just go slow and deal with it.

>> reporter: but there were also scenes of celebration, and germany's eric frenzel jumped for joy after winning.

>> devin logan with a terrific run.

>> i turned to the girls and said is this really happening right now? we're at the olympics, i can't believe we did it. i am still shocked.

>> reporter: upstate new york cheered its hometown girl made good. erin hamlin was feeling the glow of bronze.

>> i thought holy cow , at first i could only laugh, i thought this is actually happening. it is insane.

>> there are firsts for everything.

>> reporter: her medal made history, the first ever for an american man or woman in singles luge.

>> your daughter is an olympic medallist.

>> you might make me cry.

>> reporter: and there is a new team relay in luge, and team usa is among the