Nightly News   |  February 13, 2014

Comcast to Acquire Time Warner Cable

The $45 billion all-stock transaction will make NBC News’ parent company the largest U.S. cable provider.

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>> make more happen. news today after buying nbc universal from ge just a few years back, comcast has a $45 billion all stock transaction, making our company by far the largest cable provider, promising their customers faster internet, more portable technology, but the ceo points out that is if this passes review from the federal regulators.

>> there will be consumer advocates who oppose the deal saying it puts too much power in one company, that being our company, to control prices and to a certain extent to control content. that remains to be seen whether the u.s. government will agree.

>> and for his part, the comcast chairman brian roberts said we would not do this if we didn't think it