Nightly News   |  February 14, 2014

Pennsylvania Pile-Up ‘Like a Horror Movie’

A massive line of cars, trucks and tractor trailers stretched for eight miles along the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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>>> good evening, communities all over the map during our angry winter of 2014 in the u.s. are dealing with snow and ice removal now in record amounts. the storms we are witnessing in fact will likely stand in the record books among the top ten all time. power is still out for tens of thousands in an extraordinarily large area of the 48 which is sno snow-covered. and it is cold, as you see the roads are dangerous. the costs of staying safe and warm has really become a huge economic burden for millions, as well. we'll start off with katie tur in pennsylvania, good evening.

>> reporter: hey, there, brian, this highway only opened back up a couple of hours ago, before that it might as well have been the world's largest parking lot after a chain reaction pile-up involving as many as a 100 vehicles. the massive line of cars, trucks and tractor-trailers stretched as far as the eye could see, even from the air. eight miles of vehicles, some banged up and battered, one even upside down in the rush hour pile-up that started with a jack knifed tractor-trailer.

>> cars are just smashed, everything, it looks like a hollywood production.

>> oh, man, it was like a horror movie.

>> reporter: drivers were going eastbound facing the sun in a cloudless sky, the lights glaring off the snow banks, icy condition conditions and a pile-up that was so bad it is now only starting to move. more than 20 people were treated for injuries, meanwhile, school was out and people were digging out. in philly, ten inches fell. 11 and a half in baltimore and more than nine in maine.

>> i'm done with winter, officially.

>> reporter: it has been a brutal week across the country, 21 storm-related deaths, with more than 46,000 flight delays and cancellations and 328,000 still without power tonight. and soon there could be a new worry when warmer temperatures trigger a major melt.

>> we're expecting a shift in the jet stream pattern that allows temperatures to be above average in the east, which could cause snow melt and flooding.

>> reporter: back on the turnpike where drivers were stuck for hours, a little bit of comfort for weary travellers who just wanted to go home.

>> this has been the winter from hell, for sure.

>> reporter: and as if all that was not enough, another band of cold air and possible blizzard conditions are being forecast from the mid-atlantic to new england tomorrow.