Nightly News   |  February 15, 2014

Another Winter Storm Batters East Coast

Yet another blizzard watch is in for the eastern seaboard while nearly 150,000 people are without power for a fourth straight day in Georgia and the Carolinas.

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>>> back in the u.s. in contrast to what was another 60 degree day today in sochi, blizzard watches were up as another major storm batters the eastern seaboard . nbc's ron mott has more from massachusetts .

>> reporter: hey, there, lester, good evening to you, the blizzard warning is in effect for coastal massachusetts today. as you can see we have been pelted by strong winds which elevates the danger of widespread power outages and dangerous winds. with barely a 24-hour breather from the last storm, parts of new england are getting hit hard again.

>> this will be the second major storm for parts of the east this weekend.

>> reporter: as much as two feet are supposed to fall, dangerously strong winds could fall. it is highly unusual to get two of these storms to happen. tonight, wind gusts as high as hurricane force, snowfall rates as much as two to three inches an hour, and there could even be thunder snow .

>> reporter: the massachusetts governor , duval patrick , warned people to stay off the roads.

>> under these conditions it is really not possible to keep the roads clear and safe given the rate of snowfall.

>> reporter: they have hospitals near and on cape cod on high alert for emergencies.

>> we also expect there will be more traffic once the storm lets up.

>> reporter: it has been a day of disruption at the airports, with passengers forced to sleep in philadelphia, and many flights grounded nationwide, more than 75,000 flights were cancelled in the past two and a half months, the highest number in two and a half years. and the relentless snow is becoming more than just an inconvenience. the people here ate inside while the snow caused crashes.

>> everything just came down, within 30 seconds, it collapsed.

>> reporter: this one, four workers inside escaped harm. in the south, thunder snow in virginia. in south carolina , crews from several neighboring states are working around the clock to restore electricity from wednesday's ice storm , some 125,000 people still in the dark. and tonight, it is coastal massachusetts and maine in the cross hairs. now, the silver lining with this storm compared to some of the recent ones, this one is expected to hit and run pretty quickly. we believe it will taper off in the overnight hours, and then it should be mostly clear.

>> all right, let's drill on what folks can expect tonight. weather channel meteorologist jim cantore has more from massachusetts .

>> reporter: yeah, good evening, lester, we are on the massachusetts elbow here, the farther southeast point and we are taking a moderate sleet storm right now on the heels of 40 to 50 miles an hour winds, so excuse me if it stings just a little bit. believe it or not they call this pleasant bay where you don't usually see white caps . the radar showing the snow all the way from new jersey through new york up into boston and new england. and some of the snow has accumulated, four to six inches, in some cases, two feet, boston, by the time all is said and done five to eight inches, locally even a foot up in maine. the winds will be so powerful from 8:00 tonight through 7:00 a.m . tomorrow morning . i mean, look at the winds here in chatham, we'll go from 50 miles an hour winds to possibly 75 miles an hour winds, that is why they call these winter storms mother nature 's hurricane. and that is just what it lives up to. tomorrow, the sun will come out but not before pounding the area with the winter storm . the second major nor'easter, back to you.

>>> we'll let you get out of it, jim cantore .