Nightly News   |  February 15, 2014

Wicked Weather Hits the U.K.

Heavy rain and hurricane-force winds strike Britain in what many are calling the worst run of weather in 250 years.

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>>> round of weather in 250 years. take a look, this incredible satellite photo shows the latest storms in the u.s. and the u.k. linked by a sweeping band of clouds in the north atlantic . mike taibbi has our report from london.

>> reporter: surging wind-whipped seas, torrential rain, or both. one official said a conveyer belt of storm system since the first of the year has made this the wettest, most dangerous winter on record. overnight, this woman was killed at the wheel after a crash. a monster wave crashed on a cruise ship killing a passenger. and people were rescued from a restaurant when the surf driven by the hurricane-force gusts invited itself in.

>> the winds just smashed itself against continue window. there was glass everywhere.

>> reporter: and it is not safe for tens of thousands of homes now swamped after major rivers burst their banks. the only way to get to some neighborhoods was by boat, or in our case, by amphibious duck boat . if the rain stopped today and it has not it would take months or weeks for this river to get back to normal. the flood waters have crippled rail service and made walking difficult. and escaping by car, as many have tried, difficult at best. you're going to wait all night?

>> got nowhere else to go.

>> reporter: meanwhile, these pumps are churning 24/7 to help. princess will and harry lent a royal hand in the sandbag brigade.

>> we have areas where they're experiencing flood iing so that means the water is definitely rising.

>> reporter: the worst crisis here, not yet over, mike taibbi , london.

>>> and in geneva, switzerland, direct