Nightly News   |  February 15, 2014

Obama Considers New Ways To Pressure Syria

While talks between the Syrian government and the opposition end in Geneva, Switzerland, President Obama says that he considering new ways to apply pressure to end the civil war.

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>>> and in geneva, switzerland, direct peace talks between syria's government and the opposition. without setting a date for further talks, meanwhile, president obama says he is considering new ways to pressure the syrian govern ment as the crisis enters its third year.

>> reporter: lester, good evening, president obama spent much of the day playing golf here in the palm springs area . but last night, syria was the focus when he met with king abdullah . now, jordan has housed more than 600,000 refugees. last month, president obama pled pledged a billion dollars in loans to shore up a weakening jordan economy. a british-based opposition group, the syrian observatory for human rights estimates that more than 5,000 syrians have been killed since peace talks began on january 2nd , and more than 100,000 killed overall. now, with the peace talks and no resolution in sight. last night president obama said he is considering steps to deal with the crisis but did not give specifics. now separately, late this afternoon, president obama signed the debt ceiling bill into law which extends the nation's borrowing limit. lester?

>> kristen welker tonight, thank you.