Nightly News   |  February 15, 2014

'Original Hockey Town' Celebrates U.S. Win

Find out why the hometown of two members of team U.S.A.’s men’s hockey team has been dubbed "the original hockey town."

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>> lot of that today, by far the highlight of the day has been team usa 's dramatic victory over the russians in men's hockey, and probably nowhere in america is there a bigger celebration than in the tiny town where two members of the team are from, including the hero of today's game. here is nbc's kevin tibbles.

>> reporter: in warroad , minnesota, so close to the canadian border you could walk it. but not today, it is minus 18. much warmer inside warroad 's arena which just happens to hold about 1700 people as the home town warriors battle rivals from up the road.

>> everybody wants to see this game.

>> reporter: they call this place the original hockey town . at the local cafe, folks say life's lessons are learned on the ice.

>> you have to learn to lose. as well as be a good winner and good community people.

>> reporter: and the world's best olympians, in sochi, there are two of them including t.j. oshie , the hero of today's game winner. when the men's team struck gold in 19620 and again for 1980's "miracle on ice," a warroader was there. and current olympian g.g. martin was on the women's team that won silver in vancouver, things never forgotten on the rink.

>> my grandmother always said it must be something in the water.

>> reporter: gordon christianson and two others won, he won silver in 1956 .

>> that is what you wore? does it still fit?

>> a little bit.

>> reporter: henry boucheau says he never forget his hometown when he won silver in 1982 .

>> every person who puts on a uniform realizes and appreciates where they have come from and who has helped them along the road.

>> reporter: for t.j. oshie , warroad taught him to love the game he loves.

>> you find ways to get out there. playing those little games is where i really found the love for it.

>> reporter: they start them young here, and back yard rinks can be an elaborate affair, tough competitors. but like everybody in warroad , united in support of their own. and lester, i was one of the lucky ones to score a ticket to today's game. inside the bolshoi ice dome it was rocking, it was loud, it was good natured. and all the russian fans like the majority, as you heard, they shouted puck, with the puck and the net, that is what t.j. oshie did.

>> they were well represented today.