Nightly News   |  February 15, 2014

Jamaica Represented at Olympics Once Again

After overcoming many obstacles, from lack of funding to missing luggage, the Jamaica bobsled team prepares for battle in Sochi.

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>>> here in sochi , the bobsled competition kicks off tomorrow with the return of the jamaicans , this of course is not the same team that took calgary by storm in the past olympics . but they managed to qualify for a two-man sled this time. still, their arrival managed to capture the attention and the ok obstacles they over came to get here. it was questionable if they would qualify for the games, and barely a month ago it was an open question if they could afford to fly here. they arrived here hours late. a missed flight connection and missing luggage, including some critical equipment. apt metaphors for the perpetually uphill story that in the 1988 calgary olympics delighted the world, and later became the basis for a comedy film classic.

>> gentlemen, this is a bobsled, sort of.

>> reporter: but it has not necessarily been all cool runnings for the real jamaican team. they failed to qualify for the last two olympics and they have struggled to find sponsors. when i caught up with the team in december during qualifications times were lean.

>> the thing is, we are one of the most famous teams throughout the world but the most poorest team, ever.

>> reporter: after clinching a spot in sochi , the team revealed they didn't have enough cash to afford the trip. the reaction was immediate. within days, fans and supporters raised more than $100,000 for the jamaicans . the outpouring was incredible, the money raised in such a short amount of time. what do you think was behind it?

>> people want to see the jamaican team.

>> reporter: finally, after a year of reactions, the jamaican flag was raised above the athlete's village. and while here in sochi they are soaking up the flames of the appearance here, they don't want to be seen as a sort of movie nostalgia tour. at 46 years old, winston watts came out of retirement to lead the team.

>> i didn't just come out of retirement to be here, but i want to lead the team.

>> reporter: the jamaicans have climbed a lot of mountains to earn their place back in the olympics hoping it is all downhill from here.

>> and there is the jamaican sled, flying in russia.

>> it is, one of the best. the prettiyest color here.

>> reporter: again, the jamaican bobsled team competes tomorrow here in sochi , we will be following all