Nightly News   |  February 17, 2014

Tired of Snow? ‘Huge Warm Up’ on the Way

Much of the Midwest was pounded by heavy snow and ice, but warming temperatures arriving later this week will bring rapid snowmelt and possible flooding.

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>>> weather to report tonight. this is how it looked in wisconsin as much of the u.s. was covered with snow and ice again, causing more dangerous conditions, causing more flight delays and cancellations. it is all heading east again, and meteorologist janice huff is in the new york weather center with more tonight, good evening, janice.

>>> hi, there, brian, this storm is now moving through michigan, ohio and indiana, pressing through the east coast tomorrow. they expect four to six inches tomorrow across ohio, and hitting new york city for the commute. two inches here, boston it hits you for the evening commute. you could see another four to eight inches on top of what you have. then following that will be this huge warmup. here is wednesday, 60s and 70s down to atlanta, by the time it gets to the northeast it will be in the 40s and 50s, meaning rapid snow melt , covering the northeast, the rapid snow melt could result in a lot of flooding by this weekend,