Nightly News   |  February 17, 2014

Cross-Country Skier Sets Example for Nepal’s Children

Dachhiri Sherpa had no illusions of winning Sochi gold, in fact, he placed second to last. But for him, the Olympics is about much more than medals.

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>> reporter: he marched proudly and alone, carrying his tiny nation's uniquely shaped flag into the olympic stadium . and when it comes to competing, the 44-year-old cross country skier sherpa suffers no grand illusion , because for him, the olympics are so much more than precious medal.

>> for me, the goal is to be here and to have participated.

>> reporter: as far as countries go, nepal ranks 94th, about the size of arkansas, home to mt. everest, the highest peak on earth. but it is also a very poor country , his village is a four-day walk from the capital, kathmandu. how small is your village?

>> very small.

>> reporter: it is for people living in isolation that he competes, with dedication, integrity and heart. do you want to be an example for young people of your country to get involved in sports.

>> this is my dream.

>> reporter: he lives part of the year in gefrz, where he is a brick layer, but his true passion is children, in nepal , he provides children with education.

>> i am very far away from my home.

>> reporter: in russia, he takes in the sights. even posing for a few friendly pictures. but he is here to compete for the children of nepal . for you just to get to the olympics is like climbing mt. everest. as he races, he surprises even himself, finishing not last, but second to last. 17 minutes behind the winner who waited to shake his hand. kevin tibbles, nbc news, rosa khutor, russia.