Nightly News   |  February 18, 2014

Pussy Riot Cleared After Being Detained by Police

Two members of the protest punk rock group Pussy Riot were detained for hours in Sochi and questioned about a theft at a hotel.

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>>> here in sochi, the weather has cooled off as you'll see tonight, it snowed up in the mountains today, the politics heated up a bit today. two members of pussy riot, outspoken artists and musicians were detained and questioned about a theft at a local hotel. after a few hours they were cleared and released along with several others wearing sky masks, a little worse for wear after claiming they were roughed up during their detention. they're in sochi to record a song critical of president vladimir putin .

>>> in the good thing it wasn't needed department, we have learned from the pentagon that the uss taylor , one of two u.s. navy ships in the black sea ran aground last week, while planning to moor in turkey, the guided vessel frigate is being inspected for damage. there's another vessel along with it, the uss