Nightly News   |  February 18, 2014

Brian Williams’ News Round-Up: From the Asteroid to Richard Cabela

A brief look at some of the news stories that caught our eye today at “Nightly News.”

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>>> richard cabella has died, he was the co-founder of the mammoth business that bears his family name . the outdoor superstore and catalog giant. dick cabella and his brother grew it into a $3.6 billion empire. he died at his home in sydney, nebraska, waeds 77 years old.

>>> mary grace canfield has died. long time tv viewers will recognize from green acres , bewitched, the love boat , and she played gomer pyle 's blind date on andy griffith , she was 89 years old.

>>> a case of premature celebration, almost cost an olympic athlete a gold medal here in sochi. he is a norwegian cross country skier . after 15 kilometers of all out skiing in sometimes blinding snow, he raised his arms and made that i'm number one hand signal and almost lost, the silver medalist blew by him. he's hardly a rookie at this, he has two gold medals from vancouver and 11 separate world championships .

>>> if you have a friend or family member in the grip of its strange addiction. you know, candy crush is a web game with a brilliant design. it gets people to part with their money for nothing tangible in return. king digital has filed for a public stock offering . they grew into a $2 billion company last year.

>>> the asteroid that flew past the earth at 27 miles an hour missed us by 2 million miles or more. it was several times larger than the one that cascaded across the sky here in russia a year ago, that one was much smaller but caused a lot of damage. they wasn't all miss us, but last night a large one did. and with no danger from above, americans were free to watch jimmy fallon 's debut as host of "the tonight show " and they did. in strong numbers, 11 million people saw jimmy introduce himself to a new audience. they also saw u2 play from the roof of 30 rock as the sun set on a cold night in new york. and with that episode one is history, and the tonight show is now officially back in new york.