Nightly News   |  February 20, 2014

Melting Snow to Bring ‘Big Problems’

The deep freeze is coming back to the East Coast. Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore has the forecast.

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>>> as we said on the top of the broadcast where the weather in the u.s. is concerned it gets worse. hard to believe like a tornado warning as far south as memphis tonight, part of a huge 30-state wide storm system that also brought a foot of snow to eden prairie in minnesota, and it must be bad, because the weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is out in nashville for us tonight. good evening.

>> reporter: yeah, brian, it will get wild in the next couple of hours, let's talk about this, a giant storm, just when we get a break from the arctic chill, this one stretches all the way from canada down to the south. let's cover this, we already had severe thunderstorms that produced tornadoes tonight over springfield, illinois, where there is snow on the ground, amazingly enough. that whole storm system continues tonight and heads all the way to the east coast for friday. now the snowy part, minneapolis could see five to eight inches of snow. that may be the biggest storm system of the season. the problem is the mounting snowpack across this entire area. and once this all melts we'll have big problems with flooding. just in case you wondered if it would ever cool down again, guess what? it is. 78 today for a record-tying high in nashville , tennessee, by next wednesday, brian, we'll be lucky if we make it to 28. the deep freeze coming back to the east in a week.

>> jim cantore in nashville for us tonight, thank you, jim.