Nightly News   |  February 20, 2014

News Round-Up: Older Drivers, What’s App and More

A brief look at some of the news stories that caught our eye today at “Nightly News.”

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>>> walter ailers has died. he had had received the medal of honor , and until today, the last surviving recipient from the omaha beach invasion, walt grew up in kansas, he was so young when he signed up to go fight he needed his mother's permission. he saw a lot of action in world war ii , but he stood out in the days after france as a young man during d-day. and despite being wounded several times he took out several german crews, and drew all the incoming fire upon himself to allow his men to withdraw with the wounded. a month later he learned he had passed by the body of his older brother, rolland, who never made it off the omaha beach . ralph died at 92 and among the best men any of us could ever know. his death leaves 75 living recipients now of the medal of honor .

>>> safety researchers in the u.s. predicted a decade ago that because of our aging population boom, that traffic accidents would increase. now in a rare event they have admitted they have been proven wrong. they say in fact today's drivers age 70 and older are less likely to be involved in a crash than previous generations. the feds attribute it to healthier seniors and safer vehicles.

>>> also on the roads, the discourage of potholes on all the road where is winter has been this year, in places like cincinnati they are organizing pothole-filling blitzes after the problem got so bad. in new york city they have now filled more than 113,000 potholes in the last two months alone, and i'm here to tell you there is 113,000 more on the northbound west side highway alone.

>>> the folks who struggle these days to figure out what businesses are worth in the web era are going to have further struggles with this one. facebook is buying the text messaging app calls whatsapp for $16 billion. and if you think that is a higher number than companies like american airlines , campbell's soup and ralph lauren , think about the fact that whatsapp has 450 million customers world wide, while users only pay a dollar a year, at least this way facebook doesn't get it get away and now it gets a whack at some new customers. turns out instagram was a bargain at just a billion dollars.

>>> and a quick note about one of our own, last night there was a gathering in washington to mark the retirement of shelly fillman after 50 years as a cameraman with nbc. shelly was standing on the sidewalk the day ronald reagan exited the hilton. shelly 's steady pictures with his camera on his shoulder became part of our national evidence of the assassination attempt. he was also there when lee harvey oswald was there, and he covered the vietnam war and civil rights and took care of all of us on the other side of the camera. shelly , well done and thank you.