Nightly News   |  February 21, 2014

Deep Freeze to Return Next Week

Another polar plunge is on the way. Meteorologist Janice Huff has the forecast.

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>> what continues to be a big concern at home, the weather, after a night of blizzard conditions for some and tornado watches for some others, today strong thunderstorms rolled across the southeast and mid-atlantic toppling trees, drivers dealing with flooding and dense fog, high winds knocking down power lines . meanwhile, in minnesota and wisconsin, the problem is blinding snow. meteorologist janice huff has more on what to expect for the weekend.

>>> hi, lester, well, the blizzard is moving away, which is great news for the great lakes and the severe thunderstorms have now moved off the eastern seaboard . so we expect a quiet weekend across most of the country, there could be thunderstorms down towards miami with the cold front , otherwise, nice in boston, 60 in d.c., 67 in atlanta, out west it is nice, as well. 67 for dallas, for sunday, the weather will be quiet for much of the country, as well. in the east, 40s and 50s, 70 for atlanta, 25, chicago, no major weather systems coming our way across the country. maybe light showers across the pacific northwest. minneapolis does cool down. that is the key, though, we'll see much cooler weather for next week, more of the arctic plunge, and we'll see more weather down to the carolinas.