Nightly News   |  February 21, 2014

A Much-Needed Victory for the USA

It was another historic day for U.S. women at the Sochi Olympics. Meanwhile, a skating controversy is brewing.

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>>> as we head to the final week for the olympic competition in sochi, another high drama for team usa and after a disappointing loss to canada in the women's hockey gold medal game, today it was the u.s. men's turn to face off with the canadians. elsewhere, there is controversy about the outcome of lady's figure skating. but up in the mountains it was another historic day for the american women. and nbc's anne thompson joins us now with more on the day.

>> reporter: good evening, lester, a new olympic star for team usa and a skating controversy marked this second friday of the olympics. but here is a spoiler alert . because i'm about to talk about some results that have been widely reported today. the u.s. and canada, peaceful neighbors except on the ice. tonight, the u.s. men would do no better than the u.s. women the night before, losing 1 - 0 , team usa will now play for bronze.

>> you know, we still have an opportunity to win something tomorrow, so that is the focus now.

>> reporter: controversy still swirls over the lady's figure skating results. south korea is defending yuna kim gave a beautiful, artistic performance. but the judges gave the medal to adelina sotnikova, whose athleticism captured the crowd. scott hamilton said the judges got it right.

>> adelina sotnikova was the best athlete on the ice last night. she may not have been the most beautiful artistically, but she was the athlete that won the gold last night by collecting the most points.

>> reporter: and wagner felt cheated. she wants changes to the judging system.

>> if you give a certain skater a mark you need to be able to put your name and reputation on the line for it.

>> reporter: tonight, the u.s. struck gold on the mountain, 18-year-old mikaela shiffrin. she wins the women's slalom. the youngest skier ever to do so. no surprise to her father, jeff.

>> when you have confidence you can do it the nerves don't get to you as much.

>> reporter: these games have heart, the skiers who cleaned the halfpipe offered this tribute to sarah burke , who died in a training accident two years ago. american maddie bowman won the medal in the halfpipe.

>> i think it will take all of us to fill her shoes because they were so big.

>> reporter: after losing in the team event , it is official, the u.s. long track speed skating team will go home without a medal, the first time what has happened, lester, in