Nightly News   |  February 22, 2014

U.N. Seeks Resolutions in Ukrainian, Syrian Conflicts

United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power offers her thoughts on the Ukraine and Syria.

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>> an exclusive interview i spoke with the u.s. ambassador to the united nations , samantha power , about the people in ukraine as well as an important vote in the u.n. today regarding syria. i began by asking her if the apparent removal of ukraine 's president was the outcome the u.s. wanted or envisioned.

>> well, our position has been the same throughout this crisis. we have pushed for nonviolence from the very beginning. pushed for constitutional change in the creation of a coalition government . and we're still hopeful amid very fluid events that cooler heads can prevail and that compromise can be achieved.

>> some may call this a power vacuum that has been created. in the meantime, would you invision that ukraine may become more closely aligned with the u.s. than russia?

>> we're thinking mostly about the people of ukraine right now. and it is just critical that the violence stop. that a compromise be achieved and that the people come together so that the ukrainians can decide their own future.

>> all right, let's turn to the resolution approved. opening up more access to humanitarian aid . explain to me what it will accomplish and what the need is in syria.

>> the need is desperate, this revolution lays out a whole series of measures which the syrian regime has behaved terribly from the beginning of this conflict, and any other actor with weapons has to abide by in order to provide food to those in need.

>> you tweeted out that getting this resolution approved was the easy part, implementation is the tough part. where are the chiefs in this?

>> i agree right now, this is just a piece of paper but it is very important. the show of unity is very important but it is not just important on behalf of the demands but on the preparedness to take steps and sanction those who may deviate from the resolutions.