Nightly News   |  February 22, 2014

U.S. Ends Medal Drought

It took 11 days for the U.S. to win a speed skating medal.

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>> jansing: is it a boy band or olympians? team usa´s 5,000-meter short-track relay silver medalists had some moves off the ice.

>> man: couldn´t be more happy to be with this group of guys.

>> jansing: after 11 days with no medals for short track, they ended the drought last night and said, "watch out next time."

>> man #1: we´re gonna have to become more extreme. we´re gonna have to do backflips every straightaway or something like that.

>> man #2: skate with samurai swords .

>> jansing: another american-born athlete added a second gold in alpine snowboarding . but vic wild celebrated under a different red, white, and blue. raised in the u.s., wild competed for russia, frustrated that training money was going to x-games sports. his russian-born wife won bronze.

>> wild: we´re roomies. we´re gonna hang out, look at our medals probably.

>> woman: yeah, probably sleep in them.

>> jansing: with one day of competition left, russia leads the medal race. american ted ligety was within striking distance of a medal in slalom, but he was among the 13 of the top 30 racers who didn´t finish the second run, today criticizing a course set by a croatian skier´s dad.

>> ligety: makes for a pretty unfair race.

>> jansing: and a very different kind of race is on off the field of play -- to find homes for thousands of stray dogs . the russian billionaire who had this shelter built says sochi will need outside help. the concern obviously is that they´ll be put down.

>> deripaska: no, no. no chance. we´ll try. [ chuckles ] and we have good people.

>> jansing: snowboarder lindsey jacobellis tweeted her puppy is home in denver, and skier gus kenworthy´s puppies could be on a plane to the u.s. next week.