Nightly News   |  February 23, 2014

All Eyes On Rio and 2016

The Brazilian city is behind on construction and has protests about forcing out poor residents ahead of the Summer Games.

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>>> sochi breathes a sigh of relief after the conclusion in the winter olympics , nervous tensions are building in rio de janeiro . that is not a lot of time. and the list is long and challenging, they admit. bill neely is there tonight.

>> reporter: rio , sun, sand and soccer and now the site of the next olympics . behind the smiles and excitement, huge concerns.

>> huge bay of sewage.

>> reporter: this bay will host olympic sailing. it's filthy and rio is struggling to clean it up on time. rio 's mayor concedes it's a problem.

>> this is one of our biggest challenges. we can -- we have to show that we are able to deal with these things.

>> reporter: this is the site of the next olympic games . it's a building site . the officials in charge of the olympics are telling rio to speed up. there's not a single day to lose, they say. rio won the games in spite of being the least prepared to host them. the city is feeling the heat from olympic officials. they're worried. are you?

>> of course. of course. i have to worry. that's my job. i worry every day.

>> reporter: brazil has seen its worst riots in decades over the cost of hosting the olympics and this summer's soccer world cup . many are angry, too, that thousands of rio 's poorest have been evicted to build olympic facilities. this man fears his family is next. brazil has the olympics , he says, but no justice. new homes have been built to house some of the evicted, but the demolitions continue. rio watched the winter games , baffled at some events. next it's their turn. they love a party. but will it be on time? every city official i talked to says rio will be ready. the international olympic organizers say this city needs constant supervision. the road to the rio games won 't be