Nightly News   |  February 23, 2014

Ukraine Mourns Dead, Plans Next Steps

It’s a turning point for the nation now that the president is gone and the former prime minister is free from jail.

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>>> man tonight and the future in that country is uncertain. richard en gechlt l reports from kiev.

>> reporter: sunday mass at kiev's st. michael cathedral was dedicated to the protesters who died to oust ukraine's president. it became a field hospital this week when riot police opened fire on demonstrators. and just as fast as the government was overturned for that massacre, a new government is now being formed. in a series of rapidfire votes, parliament made its speaker interim president and issued an arrest warrant for viktor yanukovych . surveillance video footage appears to show when he fled with suitcases, realizing perhaps it might be a one-way trip. once filled with bonfires and molotov cocktails , the square glowed with candles.

>> the people who stayed here, they are heroes for me.

>> reporter: by the memorial, soft light. ukrainians sang their national anthem . rosaries hung on barricades protesters built to stop police bullets.

>> i have so much pain in my heart for everything that is going on here.

>> reporter: peace is holding, but the protesters aren't convinced the revolution is over. by staying here at any price, these protesters managed to change the political balance of power , in europe and central asia . but they're not ready to disperse yet. they want to keep the pressure on and oversee this country's transition of power. the challenges ahead may already be emerging. the east by the russian border, there were marches in support of yanukovych and moscow. and tonight, russia has withdrawn its ambassador to ukraine, calling him back to moscow for consultation.