Nightly News   |  February 24, 2014

Study Links ADHD with Acetaminophen Taken During Pregnancy

A big study of more than 60,000 children found that mothers who took acetaminophen while pregnant had a higher risk of having a child diagnosed with ADHD.

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>> and nancy, this other story we heard involving pregnant women , and if not tylenol, the brand, the active ingredient .

>> the big study today looking at over 60,000 mores who took the tylenol ingredient during pregnancy had a 27% increased risk of having a child diagnosed with adhd. they also found that the more trimesters and the more longer period of times that the moms use the medication the higher the risk of the disorder. now the researchers caution and stress this does not prove cause and effect . and there may be other factors because adhd is quite complicated. but doctors score again that a acetominophen is okay for a short period of time. but a reminder that anything you put in your body could be a cause.

>> dr. nancy snyderman , just off