Nightly News   |  February 24, 2014

Not Your Grandma’s Quilt: How to Speed Up a Timeless Art Form

Jenny Doan at the Missouri Star Quilt Company can teach anyone how to make a quilt in a day.

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>>> finally tonight, in a nation and a culture where everything has been sped up, some may be sad to learn that now applies to the time-honored tradition of quilt-making. it is now possible to create an individual blanket work of art in as little as a day. and as you will see, what this one woman has done is a good thing for her small missouri town, putting the place on the map in the something of a do it yourself community. we get the story from nbc's harry monta.

>> reporter: -- it looks like it has been a while since this was the hot bed of anything. stop in and you will see dozens of people from miles around who have come to see jenny doan. she figured out how to stream-line a process to once took months, even years.

>> that is our whole goal. it has always been one of these mysterious things that is way out there like our grandmothers did.

>> reporter: now, just about anyone can make a quilt in a day .

>> people who quilt the old way.

>> theists.

>> reporter: they look at somebody like you, you're kind of like a heretic.

>> this looks a little crazy.

>> reporter: jenny doan's quilting started with videos posted on line. then her philosophy, first, don't be afraid to make mistakes. and?

>> i don't want to make something that is going to sit on a shelf that is so special nobody wants to use it. i want to make something that is loved and used.

>> reporter: turns out she has done so well with the short cuts.

>> she gives me my therapy sessions every day.

>> reporter: she now has 150,000 sub crime spreers, and her teachings have been viewed more than a million times. and this is the fastest growing business around. which is better because jenny and her family have been knocked flat by the recession.

>> we have 85,000 employees who all feed their families because of what we do blows me away.

>> reporter: and because people flock to hamilton, plans are afoot for accommodations. amazing what you can