Nightly News   |  February 25, 2014

Inside the Opulent Palace of Ukraine’s Former Leader

The palace, guarded by protestors, has been met with curiosity by Ukrainians who had never before seen how their president was living.

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>>> we turn overseas now to ukraine, still unstable after the president was driven from power four days ago. that has prompted this country to send in a small team of specially trained marines to help protect the american embassy in kiev just in case. we're also getting a better understanding of why so many ukrainians were so fed up with the president. for many, it begins just north of kiev at a lavish 340 acre estate he left behind where we can now see how he lived. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel takes us inside what is being called a monument to corruption and greed.

>> reporter: ukrainians still hunting for their deposed president, flock to ring his doorbell and pose for pictures on the grounds of his former estate. with police gone, it's guarded by protesters, there's been no looting, just curiosity. there's no accounting for taste. he kept a fancy riverboat here. the bar stocked with his own private label . a garage that was stocked too. and a private zoo. and over here is an enormous shall lay flanked by greco roman statues. perhaps accordingly the corny cope ya. the ornamental ledges have been winterized. this entire area has become a tourist destination . as ukrainians come to see how their former president once lived.

>> a suit of armor, a billiard room . and decorations including a stuffed cat. he lived like a ceasar with his own replica of a roman temple in the yard.

>> he buys the building, but doesn't give this money for people who really need it.

>> reporter: activists and journalists found documents dumped in the river by the house and have been drying them out. along with receipts for lavish spending. they include black lists of politicians and reporters. and plans for cracking down on protesters. he's now wanted for murder and his house has become a museum of corruption and excess. richard engel , nbc news, outside kiev .