Nightly News   |  February 25, 2014

Gold Rush! Couple Finds Buried Treasure Worth Millions

The California couple, who do not wish to be identified, discovered a can of gold coins from the 1800s.

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>>> imagine this. you're walking the dog near your home in a rural area of northern california , and while you may be aware that the california gold rush started about 50 miles from where you live, the 49ers and all that. it's not like you're constantly thinking about it, but one of you and not the dog notices a continue can sprouting up from the soil near the base of the tree. you pull up a can, it reveals more cans alongside. you open the first can and it's full of gold coins from the 1800s . over 1400 gold coins , there's dirt on them, but they're mint, uncirculated condition. easily $10 million worth on the collector's market. the middle aged couple does not want to be identified. they don't want their property overrun by modern day prospectors. they don't want to be treated differently. if you're an interested coin collector , you can read more about the coins that were found. it's all on our website tonight.