Nightly News   |  February 28, 2014

When Will the Winter Weather Ever End?

People across the country are hunkering down for yet another chilly blast as storms continue into March.

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>>> east, another major snowstorm hitting as we head into march. 100 million americans about to be impacted all the way from kansas to massachusetts. our report tonight from nbc's katy tur.

>> reporter: first there was the cold, then snow, then bitter cold, then a whole lot of snow and still more cold. begging the question will it ever end?

>> one day i got to shovel it the next day. believe me i do not like this weather.

>> reporter: according to the national weather service , the winter severity index, only detroit where they have had six and a half feet of snow and 66 days of freezing really is having its worst winter since 1950 . this morning, chicago woke up to eight degrees. so far this morning they have had more than five feet of snow, 22 days below zero and a group of broken pipes. 4500 so far this year, four times as many as last year.

>> what we're seeing is people not home a lot having frozen water services .

>> reporter: so cold for so long heating costs are going up. propane prices in the northeast are 14% higher than last winter. in the midwest, 39% higher. carroll reed can't afford the money it would take to fill her propane take so she is using the electric heater and wood stove to stay warm.

>> the pipes froze and busted, now because we're using the heaters they're going to shut my lights off.

>> reporter: even the federal government didn't see this coming. the red is where it would be more normal, the blue is the actual map where it was colder than normal. but not everybody got it wrong.

>> brace yourself for a piercing cold, bitterly, biting cold winter .

>> reporter: so we asked the almanac when it will end?

>> i think march will be a transition month but it also will be very cold and there will be a lot of snowstorms.

>> reporter: and spring cannot come soon enough, there is another storm coming, moving to the northeast. it could bring a significant amount of snowfall. widespread power outages and travel issues both in the air and on