Nightly News   |  March 01, 2014

Knife-Wielding Terror Attack Kills at least 28 in China

Pools of blood filled the floor and sidewalk at a Chinese train station where several uniformed assailants attacked commuters.

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>> holt: in china today , a horrific scene after at least 29 people were killed by knife-wielding attackers at a train station in what´s being called a serious, violent terrorist attack by separatists. we want to warn you -- some of the images we´ll show you are disturbing. here´s nbc´s annabel roberts.

>> roberts: pools of blood on the floor, bodies on the sidewalk, people urgently seeking news of loved ones. this footage, which cannot be verified by nbc news, appears to show the aftermath of this brutal attack at china´s kunming train station . tonight it resembled a morgue. [ siren wails ] eyewitnesses report seeing approximately 10 people wearing some kind of uniform, their heads covered with black hoods, running through the station with knives that were 40 inches long. chinese authorities are calling this an organized, premeditated, violent terrorist attack . at least 29 people were killed and more than 130 injured. one survivor said everyone was trying to run away, the knife-wielding assailant striking at those who couldn´t move fast enough. it´s thought among the dead, five attackers shot by police. and at least one has been captured alive. 40,000 people use this station every day. this was a surprise attack on a busy saturday night, and it lasted for about one hour. [ man speaking chinese ] the local reporter says police officers stormed in to overpower the perpetrators at between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m . more than 100 ambulances were called to the station, some victims tended where they lay, dozens more transported to area hospitals for treatment. the regional government is blaming separatists from china´s xinjiang province , as tonight the dead are mourned. annabel roberts, nbc news, london.