Nightly News   |  March 02, 2014

Will Russia Continue to Advance in Ukraine?

With its de facto hold in Crimea, the world wonders just how far Russia plans to intervene in the Ukraine.

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>> far will russia go with its intervention in ukraine ? crimea may be most strongly tied to russia , it's not the only part of the ukraine with ties to russia . from kharkiv.

>> reporter: at times violent and sinister, raising fears that east ukraine could be the next region to face russian intervention. more than 100 people were injured saturday in clashes between pro-russian protesters. stormed the local government building, raising the russian flag . by morning they had gone and the police appeared to be in control. this is the biggest city in ukraine 's industrial heartland. a great deal is at stake. the pro-russians are camped in the main square around the giant statue of lenin, barricades from the east, killed in clashes with protesters from kiev. the fear is that this will be the next tipping point area. in order to justify intervening on behalf of the russian speakers . we were invited into the pro-russian encampment. they plan to protect the area from what they call from extremists. alexi told me while they were able to defend themselves, they would be grateful if moscow intervenes here, too. though if that happens in the volatile east, it will certainly be messier than its clinical operation in crimea. ian williams , nbc news, kharkov.