Nightly News   |  March 02, 2014

Kathie Lee Gifford and Al Roker Do the Oscars

With this pair, you know it’s going to get interesting.

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>>> this is how it looked in los angeles a nearly 24 hours ago, the red carpet area draped in plastic outside the kodak theater , site of tonight's academy awards . big sigh of relief as the rain passed and things started to dry off today just in time for the big show . covering it all for us, our "today" show colleagues, al roker and kathie lee gifford . hey, guys.

>> hey, lester .

>> he he low, lester .

>> the good news is that you did get a little bit of a spritz.

>> it spritz'd just enough to ruin the hair, but not the spirit. and it ruined al's. i'm just here to do his makeup.

>> that's right. the good news, lester , the clouds have come out a little bit but we've finally seen an end to the rain just in time for all these stars to come down the red carpet .

>> the best news is that i like al because you could never do this with somebody you despise. this is literally as much room as we get. i'm so happy i love you.

>> everybody is so thrilled. it's a tight race this year. there are no clear-cut winners. and i think for best picture i'm kind of liking "12 years a slave."

>> that's my pick as well. who for best actor ?

>> i kind of like michael mcconaughey.

>> me, too, and jared leto for best supporting. let's go home.

>> all you need to do, lester , is tune in tomorrow morning , 7:00 am on the "today" show. we've got the ultimate oscar afterparty. everything you need to know about the oscars and we've got some help coming up tomorrow morning .

>> we do?

>> yes, johnny weir and teara lipinski.

>> and my hairdresser.

>> tomorrow morning on "today."