Nightly News   |  March 07, 2014

Prosecution Paints Pistorius as Trigger Happy, Temperamental

Oscar Pistorius has shown a lot of emotion during the first week of his murder trial, but prosecutors say he has a darker, angrier side.

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>>> trial of oscar pistorius who from the beginning claims he shot his girlfriend, reeva steencamp, after mistaking her for an intruder, but the prosecution is building the case saying there is another side of oscar pistorius , one capable of deliberate murder. ayman mohyeldin is there in pretoria.

>> reporter: oscar pistorius on trial for murder, at times today overcoming with emotion, even gagging when shown the picture of his girlfriend, reeva steencamp. days ago, he was an olympic hero, now a fading memory. and today the prosecution paints another picture of him and his girlfriend, samantha taylor .

>> did you know the accused owned a gun?

>> yes, my lady.

>> how did you know?

>> he keeps it on him all the time, my lady.

>> reporter: the picture of pistorius is angry all the time, prone to anger.

>> one occasion or more?

>> on more occasions, my lady.

>> reporter: this is where oscar pistorius sits. yesterday, he broke down. he was visibly emotional. but today another story. he sat very stoically, listening to his ex-girlfriend level some serious accusations against him. taylor said that pistorius once fired a gun through the sun roof of a car, angered after being stopped for speeding. and he fired a -- he fired a weapon in a restaurant before.

>> just take the blame.

>> all this paints a picture with a flawed character.

>> reporter: and unfaithful, taylor was asked how the relationship ended?

>> he cheated on me with reeva steencamp.

>> reporter: at one point she broke down in tears. an emotional first week in what could be a long trial that has already tarnished a golden image.