Nightly News   |  March 08, 2014

Ukrainian Troubles Cast Shadow on Paralympics

The Russian competitors entered the Sochi arena to music with the lyrics "Goodbye U.S.A."

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>>> russia had hoped the world would be focused right now on the start of competition at the paralympics in sochi. but the ugly business going on in ukraine and crimea has managed to cast a shadow on the event. our report kier simmons in sochi.

>> reporter: it was a ceremony full of russian pride and defiance. president putin presided over the opening of the paralympics. there was mystical music and dance, mirroring the winter grams games' closing ceremony less than two weeks ago. but so much has changed in that short time. ukrainian teams that want lone athletes to carry their flag, a solitary protest against russia 's intervention in ukraine . the u.s. delegation made its point by not coming at all. u.s. athletes aren't here but their russian competitors arrive to music that included the lyrics, "good-bye usa." beyond the stadium where the ceremony took place, ukraine is 300 miles across the plaque sea. but the politics of what is happening there is overshadowing everything here. in an emotional press conference, the head of the ukraine delegation said its athletes will stay unless russia invades.

>> well, the worst case scenario , we would leave.

>> reporter: never before have so many countries taken part and rarely