Nightly News   |  March 11, 2014

Troubling New Questions Arise in Mysterious Jet Disappearance

On Tuesday multiple reports indicated that the Malaysian military had tracked the missing plane further than previously admitted.

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>>> that still missing wide body jetliner has taken a sudden turn because they now theorize the aircraft made a sudden turn after it was last heard from in midair. it's been four days. there is still tonight no trace of a boeing 777 jumbo jet with 239 souls on board. the going theory is that the aircraft took a hard left, almost reversing course while in flight. the aircraft appears to have flown on for another hour after its last known location. there were no distress signals. the search has been expanded to cover an area of over 10,000 square miles . we begin tonight's coverage with nbc's tom costello in our d.c. newsro newsroom.

>> the facts seem to change with each sunrise in malaysia. multiple reports that the military tracked this plane further that it had previously admitted. the transponders may have suddenly stopped transmitting out over the gulf of thailand. as the search for flight 370 continues, the malaysian military says the radar tracked the plane as it doubled back, over the gulf of thailand, over the malaysian mainland and a small ian lad in the straight of malaccca. the transponder had reportedly stopped broadcasting. john brennan responding to nbc's andrea mitchell today.

>> you cannot discount any theory. who had the ability to turn off the transponder. i don't know, how can one's actions be masked in terms of technologically on the aircraft.

>> reporter: the transponders could have been shut off intentionally or as the result of an electrical problem.

>> there are ten again agenerators on the 777. you would have to lose all ten generators before the electrical system would take out the tran transpond transponders.

>> also now unexplained a u-turn, did one of the pilots or a passenger hijack the plane. while not ruling out a mechanical explanation, a top malaysian police commander said he's looking at four scenarios.

>> one is hijack iing, psychological problem of the crew or personal problem among the crew.

>> we're learning more about the cockpit crew.

>> everyone, this is a youtube video i made as a community service .

>> an online video shows the captain in a series of home improvement tutorials. fixing the air conditioning and ice maker , even window sealants. his first officer with 2800 hours of experience. meanwhile, authorities released photos of two iranian men who boarded the plane using stolen european passports. they believe one of them was trying to get to germany to see his mother.

>> neither man, one of them 18, the other 19 is thought to be corrected to terrorism. meanwhile, if this plane did fly out over the straight of malacca, it could have headed out over the indian ocean . brian?

>> tom costello starting us off again tonight. we have a