Jerome Delay / for NBC News

Nightly News   |  March 11, 2014

Children Caught in Syria’s Brutal War Struggle to Find Comfort

In an overcrowded school, children who fled the fighting can hardly hold back their tears when describing what has happened to their families.

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>>> finally here tonight, we try to leave you each evening with a positive thought, and some of the good news that goes on out there every day. tonight we leave you with the situation that needs our attention. it's part of our coverage of this crisis going on in syria . where many of our viewers have expressed a desire to help. tonight the plight of some of the children in just one of the moments our cameras captured there. nbc's bill neeley has our report from inside syria , from damascus tonight.

>> reporter: at a school overcrowded with children who fled fighting, four whose fathers have been killed. just under the surface smiles, deep pain. this boy describes how his father was shot dead. the details unlocking a young girl 's grief. they can't hold their tears back. dana describes how her father was dragged away by gunmen and never came back. when little layla tells her father's story, dana finds the courage to speak. he tried to keep us safe, she says. they want to be doctors. they want comfort like so many children living through this brutal war. bill neeley, nbc news, damascus.

>> one more reminder here, there are a number of organizations working hard every day and at great risk to help the children of syria . there's information on all of them on our website tonight,

>>> that is our broadcast on a tuesday night, thank you