Nightly News   |  March 12, 2014

Boy, 4, Safe After Dangerous Rush-Hour Police Chase

A suspect is in custody following three carjackings and a kidnapping that happened outside Denver during the middle of the Wednesday morning commute.

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>>> outside denver, a 4-year-old boy is back with his family tonight and a suspect is in custody following a dangerous police chase that unfolded in the middle of the morning rush hour. and it all played out on live television . we get more now from nbc's miguel almaguer.

>> reporter: got a high speed chase , apparently somebody took a car in longmont.

>> he has gone both left shoulder and right shoulder.

>> reporter: police gave the suspect room. this guy is going like a rocket ship , fearing for the safety of a boy inside the stolen car . the chase lasted over an hour. he has carjacked a silver van. the suspect stole three vehicles.

>> it is very dangerous and we're lucky that there was a news helicopter overhead kind of following this guy. he wasn't going to stop for anybody.

>> reporter: veteran koa news reporter john morrissey has never seen anything like it.

>> approaching a stop sign now and not even thinking about stopping.

>> it could have been as bad as you imagined. i mean, he passed loaded school buses , he was in heavy traffic going the wrong way for 15 miles.

>> reporter: he t-boned a car, more than half a dozen cars were rammed. this state trooper was hit and seriously injured.

>> and now he is carjacking the other vehicle, throwing the young lady to the ground. she is fighting him.

>> reporter: the car chase ended with this collision.

>> there is two police officers coming right straight at him. right straight at him. right there.

>> reporter: police have their man.

>> the suspect is on his stomach. this is over.

>> reporter: tonight, 28-year-old ryan stone is in custody. and that 4-year-old boy clutching a teddy bear is safe back with his family. a wild pursuit that played out on live tv . few will forget. miguel almaguer, nbc news los angeles .