Nightly News   |  March 16, 2014

Winter of Discontent Refuses to Yield to Spring

The seemingly never-ending winter brings flooding to the South, droughts to the West and snow to the Midwest.

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>>> big part of this country has been dealing with rough weather this weekend, everything from severe thunderstorms in the southeast and more snow and ice from the midwest to the midatlantic. we get more tonight from nbc's ron mott.

>> reporter: in texas, hail the size of golf balls made a mess and a racket, forcing drivers to seek shelter from falling ice. in alabama, a dozen campers had to be rescued after their campground flooded. officials will determine if a strip mall near florida was hit by a tornado. in the beleaguered midwest , a balmy saturday in kansas city gave way to a frosty sunday. most everywhere, spring can't be sprung fast enough.

>> absolutely done with the snow.

>> it's too much.

>> reporter: this winter of discomfort and discontent is leaving a lasting mark. seven states suffered through top ten coldest seasons on record and the bill to keep warm, costly. propane expected up 54% on average nationwide compared to a year ago, totaling $2,200 for families in the midwest . other energy sours more expensive as well.

>> folks in the midwest and the east have experienced a cold and snowy winter, unusual to the 21st century . the real climate issue we face is out in the west. that's lack of water, drought and lack of snow pack out there.

>> reporter: back east, even more snow ahead tonight and tomorrow in places like the nation's capital. just four days from the official start of spring.

>> a swath from the mountains to the big cities to the coast, philadelphia, one to three inches, impact on the morning commute. washington, as much as six inches of snow there.

>> reporter: changing seasons roughly. ron mott, nbc news, atlanta.