Nightly News   |  March 22, 2014

Blue Angels Back in Flight

The sequester grounded the aerial team, which is now flying high.

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>>> finally from us tonight, they are one of this country's greatest shows in the sky, the blue angels are all about precision and pride. and tonight they're finally back in the air. our report tonight from nbc's joe fryer.

>> reporter: let -- for those on the ground, the sky is merely a canvas for streaks of bright blue , whizzing through the air. the work of military jets better known as the blue angels .

>> they make me proud to be an american , to see these guys fly.

>> the fighter jets , getting to see them, showing my kids what it is all about.

>> this represents the best of america, the best of the best .

>> reporter: this show in l.a. county marks the show for the aerial demonstration squad. kids clearly are captivated, the sky a sketch pad for their imaginations.

>> i'm like dad, i want to be that when i grow up.

>> reporter: the lieutenant commander dave tickle was a kid when he first saw the blue angels , now he is a lead pilot.

>> seeing the excitement on the kids' faces, it really shows you the pride the people take in the military.

>> reporter: it was grounded last year thanks to budget cuts from the sequester, that meant absolutely no performances at any air shows . the impact was huge.

>> there was disappointment.

>> reporter: dennis dunbar worked at places that counted on military jet teams.

>> many places cancelled, we were fortunate that ours did not. but we struggled through it and we're back.

>> reporter: back, they break formation to cheers from the crowd. and then on the ground.

>> thank you so much for coming out. it really means a lot to us.

>> hey, buddy, did you have fun today?

>> yeah.

>> all right.

>> reporter: lieutenant commander tickle meets his young fans who can now see firsthand the sky is always within reach. joe fryer, nbc news, lancaster, california.