Nightly News   |  March 23, 2014

Girl, 10, With Alopecia Makes Bows, Caps for Cancer Patients

Hannah Grubbs says strangers often mistake her for a cancer patient because she’s bald. So, she wanted to do something to help actual cancer sufferers.  

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>>> finally tonight, our making a difference report. it's about a young girl who put herself in other's shoes treatment for serious illnesses like cancer. she had an idea of how to make them feel better and it's really catching on. her story tonight from nbc's erica hill .

>> my name is hannah .

>> reporter: hannah grubb has never shied away from who she is. the 10-year-old has alopecia ariata, a skin disease resulting in hair loss .

>> my greatest fear as a parent when she was diagnose sd what life would be like for her.

>> hannah feels fine.

>> queen of the world.

>> reporter: her parents say that hasn't stopped some people from wondering what's wrong.

>> people will go out of their way to stop and talk to her and do something nice for her.

>> reporter: the fifth grader has turned what could be a very difficult time for a little girl into something positive. by paying the kindness she's received forward.

>> people always ask me why i don't have hair or if i have cancer, or if they have time to pray with me. or share words of kindness. and i wanted to do something nice for people that actually had cancer.

>> hey, guys, can we work on some black?

>> reporter: last summer, with help from her family and friends, hannah launched bows and ballcaps, a charity devoted to those fighting cancer who lost their hair.

>> i wanted to help someone who isn't having a nice day. a bow or ball cap may make them really happy while they have no hair.

>> reporter: since then, donations have poured into their hometown of hendersonville, tennessee. and the charity has delivered hundreds of bows and caps to nearby vanderbilt children's hospital.

>> hi.

>> how are you?

>> it's very simple. it's a bow. it's a hat. but the gift becomes part of their journey and part of their story.

>> reporter: hannah hopes to expand to several other hospitals and even plans to start a care package program.

>> i want them to be happy.

>> i've always said to her, you're going to stand out at every room you walk into, so let's make sure we're standing out for the right reasons.

>> reporter: a message this 10-year-old hopes to share with other kids, one bow at a time. erica hill , hendersonville, tennessee.

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