Nightly News   |  March 23, 2014

Winter Won’t Go Away Despite Spring’s Arrival

The East Coast braces for yet another winter storm, even though spring began last week. See how much snow the region can expect.

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>> holt: millions of people are keeping an eye on the possibility of a major winter storm on the east coast in the next couple of days. nbc news meteorologist dylan dreyer is tracking it for us. dylan, good evening.

>> dreyer: good evening, lester. the ingredients are there. we have the cold air with the polar jet , and we have the moisture with the subtropical jet, but the question mark is on how these will come together. the thinking right now is rain across the southeast by monday evening. then it develops into lighter snow through the afternoon on tuesday with potential blizzard-like conditions by tuesday night into wednesday morning across parts of especially coastal new england. now, if it hangs on to this track, we should see just light snow amounts back through parts of new jersey. a little bit more -- a couple of inches possible in new york city . but the potential for several inches of snow, including boston and parts of cape cod . but we still have to iron out these details, lester, as we go through the next day or so. but if a track takes a little more easterly component to it, we will see lesser amounts of snow. but a more westerly track means this could be a major storm.