Nightly News   |  March 25, 2014

1 World Trade Center BASE Jumpers Face Years in Jail

A four-person BASE jumping crew turned themselves in months after jumping from the World Trade Center and filming the entire stunt.

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>>> some will no doubt secretly admire what they did for the courage, skill and incredible amount of moxie it took to pull it off. others will quickly remind us it's a crime to scale the tallest building in new york and the most heavily defended. to say nothing of jumping off the top with a parachute. that's exactly what happened. it was all captured on video, and it's raising more concerns about security. we get our report on all of it tonight from nbc's stephanie gosk.

>> reporter: for these base jumpers , scaling to the top of the nation's tallest building and leaping off must have seemed an irresistible challenge. the early morning jump on september 30th broke the law. this you does tube video was posted just after the four person team turned themselves in to police on monday. 32-year-old james brady was a construction worker at the freedom tower last fall. that's him installing a beam on the 104th floor. he and his crew have pleaded not guilty to multiple charges including felony burglary and regular las endangerment. these arrests should send a message to anyone thinking about misusing a landmark this way. one of the lawyers says the felony charge is too severe for the crime.

>> the charge that they're facing is something that has up to seven years in jail. that's not something that's appropriate for this circumstance.

>> the base jumpers say they snuck in through hole in the fence. the same explanation a 16-year-old gave for how he snuck up to the top last week. justin was arrested for trespassing after slipping past guards and riding the elevator all the way to the top. that's two breaches in six months. a place where security is supposed to be a priority. joe morris is a former police chief for the port authority .

>> i can guarantee you that people are looking at what happened, what went wrong.

>> and with some concern?

>> absolute concern. i can guarantee you people didn't sleep for the next couple days.

>> reporter: the parachuters may not be resting easy either. a prison sentence is a high price to pay for bragging rights . stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york.