Nightly News   |  March 26, 2014

Intoxicated Secret Service Agent Passed Out in Hotel Hallway

Three agents from the counter assault team assigned to President Obama’s European trip were abruptly sent home after a night of drinking.

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>> traveling white house today awoke in europe with a giant distraction on its hands again. the misbehavior and subsequent discipline of members of the u.s. secret service traveling with the president. sent home and placed on leave for allegedly violating the strict policy on drinking. our chief white house correspondent chuck todd is traveling with the president in brussels.

>> reporter: two years after an embarrassing episode involving prostitutes in colombia, another black eye for the secret service . three secret service agents from the assault team say signed to the european dream were abruptly sent home after a night of drinking. it became public because one of the three agents was so intoxicated he passed out in a hotel hallway. after discovering who the drunken guest was, the hotel called the u.s. embassy . that's when the decision was made to send the passed out agent and his drinking companion companions home immediately. this comes two years after a dozen agents were involved in a prostitution situation.

>> when we travel to another country i expect us to observe the highest standards because we're not just representing ourselves. we're here on behalf of our people.

>> reporter: that incident led the secret service to implement a new code of conduct . including a ban on drinking ten hours before an overseas shift and a ban on bringing women to hotel rooms . the president also appointed the first woman to head the service, julia piearson.

>> it is sad to see our reputation be tarnished against amongst foolishness of a couple guys. it's sad.

>> reporter: it's important to note that none of these agents were part of the president's personal detail and the agency emphasizes that the president's security was never compromised. a source does tell me these three agents will be disciplined, probably reassigned. but brian, they're not going to be fired.

>> all right. chuck todd traveling with the president in brussels tonight. chuck, thanks.