Nightly News   |  March 26, 2014

Watch How Construction Worker Survived Houston Fire

Just moments before a Houston apartment complex collapsed in flames, a construction worker managed to escape -- thanks to a fire truck.

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>>> the first time from the two men involved in one of the most amazing rescues in recent memory. one of them a worker trapped on a ledge as fire consumed a massive apartment complex under construction. the other, a firefighter atop an aerial ladder which was the only way out. we get the latest from janet shamlian .

>> he can't get out. he can't get out the door.

>> reporter: a heart-stopping scene. a construction worker stranded on a balcony as a massive fire consumes the building and flames close in.

>> this guy is on the freaking ledge. look at this.

>> reporter: workers across the street are horrified. they can see there's nowhere for him to go.

>> look at this. oh, my gosh. do they see him?

>> reporter: 56-year-old curtis riceic yells for help.

>> i believed i was going to die right there. i was going to say a prayer, god get me out of this.

>> oh, god. oh, god. oh, my god. oh, no. oh, no. oh, no. oh!

>> reporter: karen jones shot the video and watched in disbelief.

>> we were all near the windows. just people were afraid, you know, people were just wondering, oh, gosh, is this man going to make it? are they going to get to him?

>> reporter: firefighter hawthorn gets a ladder but it's not close enough.

>> he had to make a leap. so he jumped and grabbed on. i said hang on.

>> thank, jesus. thank you, god.

>> reporter: safe at last not a moment too soon.

>> i was completely amazed it had grown that fast and that far out and where i was.

>> reporter: caught on video, desperate moments and extraordinary rescue. janet chamblsha