Nightly News   |  March 27, 2014

Do Japan Satellite Photos Show Flight Debris?

There were some encouraging developments in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

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>>> now to the other search we have been following, that for malaysia airlines flight 370. it has started again tonight off australia after being suspended due to rough weather in the indian ocean . it is the first chance for crews to reach the new debris spot, spotted by satellite. and nbc's tom costello is following developments from washington.

>> reporter: hi, lester, almost three weeks now since flight 370 went missing and search teams still have not found a single piece of wreckage. now, more satellite images of what could be a debris field 1600 miles from australia. the thai satellite photos were taken on monday, images of what they say could be debris in the ocean, and a french satellite spotted debris also a day earlier. also, japan released this map showing the area the satellite could indicate as ten pieces of debris, the largest piece, 13 x 26 feet. but the weather in the area has been awful, high winds and waves and icy conditions forces search craft to turn around. authorities say the white caps on the water make the poor visibility causing it difficult to identify anything.

>> to go through this type of mission, you really get very little time to find objects.

>> reporter: now with only nine days of battery life left on the black boxes , search teams are racing against the clock and mother nature with more bad weather a possibility on friday and saturday. lester.

>>> all right, tom costello in washington, thank you.