Nightly News   |  March 27, 2014

Lawyers for Christie’s Office Clear Governor in Traffic Scandal

The 344 page report follows a 10-week review of the bridge traffic lane scandal that threatened Christie’s political future.

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>>> for months, governor chris christie has been trying to contain the damage the role his administration played regarding the george washington bridge closure, causing massive traffic jams . today, admissions by christie 's own office were released. we get more from nbc's kelly o'donnell.

>> reporter: today, outside lawyers hired by the office of new jersey's governor and paid for by taxpayers cleared chris christie .

>> what we found was that governor christie had no involvement in the decision to close these lanes and no prior knowledge of it. not a shred of evidence of it.

>> reporter: the 360-page report follows a ten-week review of the bridge traffic lane scandal that threatened christie 's political future. the governor turned over his personal and work e-mails and texts and was interviewed several times. last night, christie was on new jersey radio.

>> i think all the important questions will be answered.

>> reporter: the review puts all the blame for the plot to snarl traffic in fort lee on former port authority official david wildstein. and the governor's now fired top aide, bridget anne kelly , they both have taken the fifth and did not cooperate. the report shows a new allegation, claiming that kelley responded good, after fort lee 's mayor complained about the traffic mess.

>> you ask me what i take from that? i take somebody who did wrong is trying to cover it up from the chief of staff and the governor.

>> reporter: taking on another issue, the review dismissed claims made -- hoboken mayor, citing relief money unless they backed him. today, they called the review sadly predictable and a whitewash, today, they will be judged against conclusions reached by other allegations still under way. kelly o'donnell, washington.