Nightly News   |  March 27, 2014

Firefighters Salute Those Who Died in Rowhouse Blaze

Boston is grieving the loss of two Irish firefighters who died fighting a ferocious fire in the Back Bay area.

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>>> a heart-wrenching scene in boston, a sea of firefighters lining the streets to salute the fallen after a terrible fire consumed a row house in the back bay area . they're grieving the loss of 43-year-old lieutenant edwin walsh, jr., a veteran firefighter who leaves behind a wife and three children under the age of ten, and 43-year-old firefighter michael kennedy , a veteran firefighter, one of the first responders at the marathon bombing. and as we approach that day, brian williams is on scene from boston and joins us from the scene of so much sadness, on boylston street . we're here after the scene. what a sad day, this just doesn't happen. they don't lose professional firefighters in the line of duty that often say nothing of two of their bravest from the same fire house , one of the oldest in the nation, you wouldn't blame anybody in the city asking how much one city is expected to take in the course of a year. if there is a blessing it is this community. it is tight, let's face it, it is a heavily irish occupation in a heavily irish city . they have lost two irishmen, and last night, pubs from bars from south boston and all over raised a glass to the memories of the families. you can just hear they are waiting for patriot's day, so they can have a proper finish, not far from here down boylston, lester?