Nightly News   |  March 28, 2014

GM Expands Ignition Switch Recall

The cars included in the recall were built from 2008 to 2011 and include the Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5 and Saturn Ion. No deaths have been officially linked to these models.

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>>> more trouble at gm tonight, late word that the company is expanding a recall involving the faulty ignition switches. and there is a separate problem the company has just disclosed. nbc's anne thompson has more in the news room, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian, let's talk about the expanded recall that involves the same amount of cars that were recalled, 1.6 million cars recalled last month by gm. but these were just newer versions of those cars. these cars were built from 2008 to 2011 . and the vehicles include the chevy cobalt , the saturn ion and sky. now, unlike the older vehicles no deaths have been officially linked to these models. the problem, gm says, is the ignition switches could have been repaired with faulty parts. but gm says it does not know which cars got those faulty parts. so out of an abundance of caution, the ceo says the recall is being expanded. now this comes on the same day that gm told dealers to stop selling 2013 and 2014 models of the chevy with 1.4 liter turbo engine , so far gm has not given a reason for that order. but you can expect the ceo will be asked about that and a whole lot of other questions when she testifies before congress next week.