Nightly News   |  March 28, 2014

It’s Movie Night! Let’s Stay Home

As more people elect to watch films on TV, the number of frequent moviegoers has plummeted over the past year, which sent ticket prices soaring.

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>>> the movie, noah, is the big opener this weekend, the "the new york times" says it is occasionally clumsy and occasionally ridiculous but almost never dull. to prove they have the headlines, the headline reads, rain, heavy at times. hollywood will need a sense of humor to get through the changing times of the actual film itself to a new staff showing that fewer of us are actually going to movie theaters . our report from gabriel gutierrez in los angeles .

>> reporter: out in theaters tonight, the latest hollywood epic, "noah," starring russell crowe and jennifer connelly , but now they're dealing with what has become a big problem.

>> this is my first time to go to the movie.

>> i'll wait a year for it to come out, and see it on netflix.

>> reporter: according to the movie association of america, the number of moviegoers 18 to 24 plummeted to 17% last year. the total amount of tickets sold in the last ten years has plunged 11%. but there is a hollywood plot to it.

>> we had a record box office in 2013 , we're 10% ahead almost of last year at this point.

>> reporter: that is because to compensate for falling prices, ticket prices have gone up, where movies can run closer to 20 bucks, to lure people back in the seats the industry is considering discounted weekday movie nights, some are offering other items such as reclining chairs and more upscale food. but it will be hard to compete with spencer's outside l.a. where four people enjoy movie night on the small screen on demand with movies like netflix and hulu.

>> i can stop it, pause, the flexibility makes it really easy to watch things at home.

>> reporter: but for this person, old habits die hard .

>> i don't think i will ever stop going to the movies, it will never be replaced for me.

>> it is the entire scene, buying the tickets, pop corn , seeing the big screen .

>> reporter: an american passtime, now seen for many in a whole new light. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, los angeles .