Nightly News   |  March 28, 2014

‘Soup Ladies’ Cook Up Comfort for Landslide Search Crews

For 10 years the Soup Ladies have been dishing up meals for first responders, and now they’re feeding the search crews in Washington state.

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>>> our making a difference report tonight comes from washington state , the scene of so much tragedy this past week, but like so much of the bad that we have to witness like so many of the awful events we have to cover and the stories we must tell, great people have come forward and they have performed great deeds. their stories tonight from nbc's joe fryer.

>> peas, carrots, corn.

>> reporter: few things in tough times offer more comfort than a home cooked meal. enter this woman, better known as mama. this big-hearted restaurant owner is part of the group known as the soup ladies.

>> yeah, that is perfect.

>> reporter: volunteers who spent this entire week feeding search crews at the site of the oso mud slide.

>> i would never want to do their job but i can cook.

>> reporter: they have been doing this for ten years now serving food to first responders after hurricane katrina , the tornado in joplin, missouri, and superstorm sandy.

>> i have heard that when they know on the radio that you know mom is going to be at the base camp that it lightens their load.

>> reporter: mama says they're just a tiny cog in the wheel of giving. this week, boy scouts braved the rain for a food drive and high school students packed more than 1300 lunches for first responders.

>> these kids are making sandwiches. for my boys? for the people on the front lines who are doing what we can't.

>> reporter: as for the soup ladies, they're putting out more than 200 meals a day.

>> i feel so privileged and honored that i get to do this. and i love those people. i love them. they are my heroes.

>> reporter: when this world is at its worst. mama is a witness to its best.

>> you see a lot of heartache, and when i look into some of their eyes i get to see into their hearts.

>> reporter: she promises to stay here until they're told to go. so oso can take some comfort in knowing while the road ahead is long it will not be traveled alone. joe fryer, nbc news, arlington, washington.

>> and if you wish to help the folks in washington state there is information on how to do just that on our website tonight.