Nightly News   |  March 29, 2014

Wet Weather Triggers Concerns of Another Mudslide

Authorities are still in the process of recovering and identifying victims from last weekend’s mudslide, but rain is threatening the search efforts.

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>>> and one week after a rain-soaked hillside crashed down into a quiet neighborhood in oso, washington, the reality is setting in that some victims may be inside the mud and debris for a very long time. a moment of silence this afternoon at the exact time of the mudslide, an area that has pushed crews to their edge. miguel almaguer has the latest.

>> reporter: lester, good evening, much of the day here we saw steady rain, and anything but ideal conditions for search teams , today there is real concern for their safety as they push on.

>> please join us in a moment of silence.

>> reporter: at 10:37 a.m ., one week to the day that much of the area buried oso, search teams paused to remember the victims and those they have yet to find. in small towns not far from this tight-knit community, heartbreak and tears.

>> it will take a long time to heal.

>> reporter: tonight, the official death toll stands as 17, while more bodies have been found but not identified. 90 people are still missing. every day search teams make more grim discoveries.

>> you say crews are identifying bodies in the field, do you expect your victim total to rise over the next several days?

>> it is a very, very slow process, it was miserable to begin with, and as you all know it has rained heavily the last few days. it has made the quick sand even worse.

>> reporter: this is what it looks like for the crews on the ground, a world washed away and flipped upside down. search teams are exhausted suffering from hypothermia as chaplains stand by. the volunteers salvage what they can, for some, this is all that is left.

>> this is a very emotional event for these family members, we have them digging for loved ones along side us.

>> reporter: today in the rain, a flash flood warning and worries that this could trigger another slide. this is a danger he knows all too well.

>> then turn around and come home and it is all gone. neighborhood, wife. yeah. family.

>> reporter: the volunteer oso firefighter helped find his wife, christina, and his granddaughter, sanoa, in the rubble.

>> i'm going to miss my wife. and my granddaughter. i love them so much.

>> reporter: tonight, he shares his grief with families who have lost loved ones and with so many others who are still waiting for someone to come home. a week ago today, seven survivors were rescued from the mudslide, tonight, five of them remain hospitalized. they are