Nightly News   |  March 29, 2014

Answers Remain Elusive in Malaysia Flight 370 Search

Once promising leads have yet to reveal the wreckage of the missing aircraft.

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>>> today for the first time in four weeks, floating objects were recovered in the indian ocean that were suspected to be related to the missing malaysian jetliner. nbc's kerry sanders has more from washington.

>> reporter: it is the first time anything has been fished from the ocean since this investigation began, but almost as quickly as the chinese shared news that their naval crews had located something officials announced it was not debris, rather, just ocean garbage. ten planes from a half dozen countries are again airborne today, chris-crossing the area about half the size of mexico. orange, green, and white items all spotted in the last 24 hours but experts say yellow is the color to find.

>> looking at this debris you would expect to see anything that is bright yellow, whether it is the emergency escape slides or the life preserver or life rafts.

>> reporter: 22 days into this mystery, political analysts say china's government is under extraordinary pressure.

>> they wanted to make clear to china's citizens that they are doing everything conceivable to find out what happened.

>> reporter: tonight, at least 50 families are headed to kuala lumpur where there is yet more confusion. six days ago, the prime minister broke hearts when he announced there was no hope of any survivors.

>> flight 370 ended in the southern indian ocean .

>> reporter: but this today from malaysia's acting minister of transportation .

>> no matter how remote, hope against hope, please, we will continue to find survivors.

>> reporter: american philip wood was on board flight 370.

>> i am totally confused. i honestly don't understand why the government has behaved the way it has, the whole way through i haven't.

>> reporter: tonight, high tech boats will be towed to listen for the flight recorder 's pings, the pings which are right here is supposed to send out a signal for about 30 days . that means there are about eight or nine or ten days left before the battery dies.