Nightly News   |  March 29, 2014

Violence Likely to Surround Afghan Elections

Already the electoral commission was attacked and the Taliban is growing more bold in its attacks.

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>>> more on the crisis in ukraine with reports of tens of thousands of russian troops massing near the border and their intention is not clear. there are renewed diplomatic efforts tonight and a surprise announcement by secretary of state john kerry . nbc's kristen welker has more at the white house .

>> reporter: good evening, secretary kerry was heading home from saudi arabia today when he quickly turned his plane around and headed to europe to meet with his russian counterpart in paris tomorrow, this on the heels of an hour-long call between president obama and russian president putin yesterday about a possible diplomatic resolution. while a senior administration official wouldn't provide details past approvals have included encouraging russia to pull its forces back from the bases. now, tensions have been mounting in recent weeks after russia annexed crimea. but russia says it will not invade other parts of ukraine. the white house says it has to wait and see how serious putin is about diplomacy, so far he has been defiant.

>>> all right, kristen, thank you.

>>> and taliban militants carried out an attack in kabul toda today. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel has more.

>> reporter: there were dozens of election officials inside when suddenly they started to receive in-coming rocket fire and machine gunfire. the officials were rushed down into the safe room, the attack lasted for several hours, eventually, afghan forces set up a cordon around the area, and set up an area where four taliban members had taken up position. the afghan s.w.a.t. team cleared the building and killed the taliban militants. in some indications this is what the army is leaving behind, the taliban is increasingly bold and increasingly carrying out more frequent attacks right here in